CV for Viggo Liebmann Hansen

Personal Data:

Name: Viggo Liebmann Hansen
Address: Lindøhoved 2
City: 5400 Bogense
Tlf: +45 64 86 16 06
Mobile phone: +45 20 21 66 49
Born: 9 May 1957
Marital status: Married to Birgit Lenk-Hansen No children

Business Career:

1980-81 Engineer, LEGO System A/S
1981-82 Long-term planner, INTERLEGO A/S (today LEGO A/S)
1982-85 Senior system planner, LEGO System A/S
1985-95 User Service Manager, LEGO System A/S
1995-97 Consultant, Special Assignments, LEGO System A/S
1997 Own company ""

Basic Education:

1972-75 A level, mathematics-physics branch from Aurehøj grammar school, Gentofte
1975-80 Master of science in Electric Power Engineering, Danish Technical University. Final Project: "Follow up Systems for Production and Economy at NKT".

Continuing Education:

1981-82 Bachelor of Commerce 1st part, Kolding Handelshøjskole
1984-86 Bachelor of Commerce 2nd part, Sales, interrupted in the 8th semester
1986-87 "LUP", Management Training Programme for all managers and presidents of the LEGO Group in Denmark
1989 Adult education diploma
1990 International Management Programme LEGO Group, IMD Lausanne
1980-97 Numerous courses and seminars within: Management, presentation, computer application, information technological insight, etc.

Language Qualifications:

English At negotiating level in speech and writing
German At conversational level

Leisure-time Activities:

Nature, hunting and sailing
Creative craftsmanship and photography

EDP Skills:

Office programs at super user level
Application of INTERNET and World Wide Web programming at a professional level.

Business Background

1980-81 Engineer, LEGO System A/S

Employed in the system development group, where the concept- and design work behind the central control systems of the LEGO Group was made. I analysed planning policies and designed long-term planning systems.

1981-82 Long-term Planner, INTERLEGO (today LEGO A/S)

Employed in the capacity planning department, where, by routine, the needs for machines, staff and buildings for the LEGO Group are consequence calculated at 3-5 years sight, as well as continuous follow-up on consolidated status. Afterwards, specific possibilities of strategy were analysed. My job was to:

1982-85 Senior System Planner, LEGO System A/S

Employed in the Data Technical Group, where basic software was supported and special assignments were solved. My job was to:

1985-95 User Service Manager, LEGO System A/S

As manager of the User Service Centre I was in charge of personnel management, determination of service products, supplier negotiation, analysis and selection of new products and methods. The period covers a progress from a pioneer stage, where most approaches were to be created by own means, to a volume where 500 new PCs were purchased, installed and delivered by routine each year. General user service included: Telephone support, PCs, installation of PCs and programmes, user service environment on multi-user machines (VAX), app. 20 different sw titles, repair of hw, up to 20 different self-designed user courses and consultancy. Besides should be mentioned:

1995-97 Consultant, Special Assignments, LEGO System A/S

An analysis assignment regarding the LEGO Group and the INTERNET turned into the development- and implementation project of, the international World Wide Web site of the LEGO Group. Besides, operation became part of the project during the first year, and my workday developed into a lot of minor jobs:

Historic Documentation:
Press release with first year status of
Design status march 26 1997.

1997 Own company ""

Supply within the competence areas:

Miscellaneous Tasks

1982-83 Teaching in Management and Co-operation at the Bachelor of Commerce study, Commercial School in Varde

1989-97 Teaching in Project work and –management app. 15 times at LEGO and twice at Midtjydsk Teknologicenter (The Central Jutland Technology Centre)

1993- Board member of DECUS Denmark, COMPAQ's User Group (Earlier Digital’s user group).

1982- Numerous lectures within computer application, technology, IT-products, user support, analysis, etc.

1999- Board member of LSI-Fyn, independent and managing engeneers.

2000- Cofounder and member of IT-Forum Odense (Now "IT-Forum Fyn")

2001- Teacher at Southern Danish University "Applied Technology and Methods 2 and 4"

2001- Censor at Tietgen Business School, Odense

2002- Teacher at "Odense Teknikum", Engeneering school

2002- Cofounder and member of KommIt Fyn

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